Top 6 Smoky Mountain Waterfalls You’ll Love to See

ramsey cascades in the great smoky mountains

The Smoky Mountains are full of natural features, one of the most popular being waterfalls. You can get to some of the waterfalls by driving, while the rest you’ll have to walk or hike to. No matter the size of the falls, you’ll be amazed by their beauty. Here are the top 6 Smoky Mountain waterfalls you’ll love to see:

1. Cataracts Falls

cataract falls in the great smoky mountainsIf you’re looking for a simple walk to get to a Smoky Mountain waterfall, you need to go see Cataract Falls. The trail is clearly laid out, and you only have an elevation gain of 29 feet, making it simple for small children and elderly adults. The entire trail is 1.1 miles roundtrip. You’ll walk beside a creek, old forest growth, and finally see Cataract Falls at the end.

2. Laurel Falls

Laurel Falls is another easy trail where you’ll see an incredible waterfall when you reach the top. The path to the falls is paved, making it simpler than if you had to climb over rocks and tree roots. There are certain spots where the trail drops off, so be careful as you climb. Once you’re at the top, you’ll see the 80-foot-tall waterfall come into view. The amount of water gushing over the rocks is incredible, and you can walk from one side to the other easily. Laurel Falls is a great place to take pictures.

3. Rainbow Falls

rainbow falls in the great smoky mountainsTo get to Rainbow Falls, you must hike a moderate trail that is 5.5 miles roundtrip. The hike to get to the falls is beautiful due to bright green undergrowth, small streams, and the opportunity to see some wildlife. Rainbow Falls is also 80 feet tall. Water tumbles over rocks and onto a semi-flat rock then trickles into a stream.

4. Meigs Falls

Meigs Falls is really unique. It’s one of the waterfalls you can see from Little River Road between Cades Cove and the Sugarland Visitors Center. If you want a better look up close, you can drive to the Sinks parking lot where you’ll find the trailhead for Meigs Creek. This hike is 6.5 miles long and is considered moderate to hard. Along this trail, you’ll see the upper part of Meigs Falls, while the section you see from the road is the lower part.

5. The Place of a Thousand Drips

the place of a thousand drips on the roaring fork motor trail in the smokiesAnother waterfall you can see from your car is The Place of a Thousand Drips. This beautiful feature is unique too because the water splits into many channels, creating “drips.” To see The Place of a Thousand Drips, you will take Roaring Fork Motor Trail, and it is stop number 15.

6. Ramsey Cascades

The most impressive Smoky Mountain waterfall is one of the hardest to reach. Ramsey Cascades is the largest waterfall in the Smokies, and the roundtrip length is 8.1 miles. You’ll go through a ton of old forest growth, take footbridges over streams, and walk along the narrow paths. Once you reach the falls, your breath will be taken away. Its over 100 feet of water falling down tiers of rocks.

You’ll love checking out these Smoky Mountain waterfalls. Exploring the Smokies is only one of the great things you can do when you stay with us. Want to know what else you should do while you’re in town? Look at these fun things to do in Gatlinburg.